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Lisa Jewell Permanent MakeUp Practitioner

Lisa discovered at a very young age, that she had the ability to improve anyones look by re-shaping eyebrows, applying subtle eyeliner and enhancing their lip shape or size.

Lisas background in the art field began during her apprenticeship at the Bali Design Studio in New York City. Lisa quickly excelled in her artistic ability and was a very valuable member of the Design Team. Lisa implemented many new ideas in the world of lingerie fashion.   Lisa has tremendous ability for creating natural looking brows, which make a face come to life. Her lash enhancement abilities are superb for those individuals looking for a very subtle result.

Her dedication to helping individuals improve their appearance, has been her main focus as a Certified Micropigmentation Practitioner since 2001. 

She has studied color theory, eyebrow reconstruction, eyelash enhancement procedures and lip repigmentation, at The Beau Institute of Corrective

Cosmetics.  She has also received an Advanced Certification at The American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, in Arlington, Texas, where she learned

Scar camouflage techniques and areola tattooing for breast cancerpatients.  Lisa has also studied color theory and analysis, which plays a vital role in permanent cosmetics.  Lisa is also a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

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