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What's the difference between Traditional Tattooing and Permanent Makeup?
Where both procedures involve tattooing the skin, in traditional tattooing, pigment is added to the the third layer of the skin, where permanent makeup pigment is added to the second layer of the skin called the Dermis, creating a result of a soft blend of color to the tattooed area.

Is this procedure painful?
Topical anesthetic creams are used to minimize discomfort. Some individuals experience something like a plucking sensation.

Do I have a choice of colors?
Absolutely! There is a wide variety of colors that you may choose from.

Do I have a choice in the placement of pigments?
Definitely! You will be fully instrumental in the design and choice of your permanent makeup. All procedures are sketched on the face before the procedure begins.

Does my eyebrow hair need to be removed?
NO! The only eyebrow hair that will be removed will be the stray hairs that dont belong.

What is involved in the recovery?
There will be slight swelling and redness in the skin, which will subside quickly. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. For 10 days you will be required to wear a thin coat of topical moisturizer which most people can not detect.

Can I get an MRI?
Yes. Some individuals have reported a temporary or transient tingling or burning sensation. Let your doctor of radiologist know before your procedure.

What are the risks?
Allergic reaction. There is an extremely low risk of allergic reaction to the pigments. However there will be a patch test conducted before the procedure. Undesirable color. Again, there is an extremely low risk of undesirable color. Lisa has studied color theory extensively and is trained in how colors react within an individuals skin. Colors can always be adjusted.

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