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Victoria Mellah

My skin is pale w/ freckles and I'm blonde so for an otherwise nondescript face Lisa's incredible talent has been magical for me! 

Every facial I've gotten since, "I hear your eyebrows ARE PERFECT!" (....and I tell them "certainly not from anything I've done!" LOL) And my green/turquoise liner Lisa created just for my eyes, makes my green blue eyes pop. My whole life I've never gotten so many compliments on how brilliant and beautiful my eyes are !!
Lisa is truly an artist!

I brag about her every time someone offers me a compliment I tell them about her great work!!  :)

My sister is the 3rd family member to go, and she can't wait to see her results!


Gitte's Story

After recovering from MOHS surgery in 1995 to remove Basel Cell skin cancer from my face, including skin graphs to close a gaping hole, I was left with a scar, and no hair in middle of my left eyebrow. 

For the next few years following I went through a series of hair transplants that allowed me to gain several hair follicles in the area, but with limited results.

For ten more years I struggled with trying different approaches to filling in the affected eyebrow. Cosmetic pencils didn't apply well to the scar tissue.

I had great difficulty drawing in the eyebrows, trying to follow a specific shape, and therefore never achieving two eyebrows that looked at all the same. Every morning I spent an extra half hour preparing the eyebrows alone.

After much consideration and research, I found Lisa Jewell who offered the solutions I had searched for, for all these years.  As an expert colorist and cosmetic tattoo specialist Certified Micro Pigmentation Practitioner), Lisa gave me new eyebrows that define shape, color and coverage with a natural look.


This has changed my life in so many ways. With the decreased amount of maintenance time in the morning I'm able to get ready faster and go. As a sole business owner and mother, this gained time has proven to be very valuable. I am able to swim and be athletically active with out smudging and loss of color to the brows.

There is no longer the need for cosmetic pencil and with my increased self-confidence I couldn't be  happier. When a person goes through this type of health experience, and looks for cosmetic solutions such as plastic surgery or cosmetic implementations,  they must be very careful to choose the right solutions and professionals to look after them. 

I highly recommend Lisa Jewell and sincerely advise that every potential client of hers is in excellent hands. Not only is she an experienced professional and an educated expert of her field, she is a person of flexibility, sensitivity and is a pleasure to work with.

Birgitte Brix (Gitte)
Hastings on Hudson, New York

What people are saying...


I no longer have the insecurity of being caught without my eyebrows. I feel carefree even after showering, exercising or swimming.  I love waking up in the morning and not having to fuss.  My mother was so impressed, she scheduled an appointment to have her eyeliner done.


Rachel Stevko

Over tweezing my brows at a young age left me with no brows at all. What a miracle it is to have brows again. I was so pleased with the result, I had Lisa do my permanent eyeliner. My family and friends are truly amazed at how natural they look.


Linda A.Noberini
Certified Professional

I decided to have my permanent eyeliner done and was so pleased, I went back for my eyebrows. Lisa placed my brows in such a way that it looks like I had a face lift. I cant express my gratitude enough.


Deborah Gluck
Licensed Practicing Nurse



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